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  In construction, a stage payment schedule is a list of dates setting out when payments will be made by one party to another under the terms of the contract

  between them.  It can also also be linked to the completion or fulfilment of certain pre-agreed activities or stages, at which point payments must be made.


  By including a payment schedule in the contract, setting out who needs to do what and by when, the likelihood of parties getting dates wrong can be reduced,

  and so disputes are less likely.


  A payment schedule will usually include the following details:-


  • The starting date for the contract

  • The amount to be paid as an initial payment

  • The interval of other payments after the initial payment

  • The timeframe within which the project will be completed

  • The estimated total construction contract amount




stage payments

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  "The payment of an agreed amount when an agreed stage of the project has been completed, often on a monthly basis."


We work in SIX STAGES . . .  


STAGE 1  -  20%                      STAGE 4  -  15%


STAGE 2  -  15%                      STAGE 5  -  20%


STAGE 3  -  20%                      STAGE 6  -  10%    

Excavate Foundations & Pour Slab

Erect superstructure

& roof

1st Fix Electrics

& Plumbing


& Plastering

2nd Fix Joinerwork, Kitchen & Bathrooms

Decoration & Floor Coverings Completion & Handover Demo

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